Tender whispers, hot caresses, nudity, sensuality... moments of pleasure... all in a mansion shrouded in passion, where you can find the most mysterious ladies willing to catch you in their nets from where you will definitely not want to escape. The erotic massage Bucharest parlors are communication without words, a mirage of exotic touches and smells. It will give you a good mood and vigor and with the help of a skilled masseuse you will enter a world of sensuality and eroticism.

A massage session is beneficial for every man and couple. The erotic massage is one of the most popular methods of recovery, both physical and mental.

The masseuses in the Jade Palace parlor are specifically instructed to make your body humming with pleasure, to make every part of you to want every touch she can offer you. You'll definitely want to come to one of the erotic massage Bucharest parlors every day.

20 beautiful masseuses are waiting for you at the Jade Palace parlor to unleash your imagination and show you the taste of the forbidden fruit.

A massage session always begins with a shower followed by a relaxing massage, body massage and finally massage with one or two happy endings.

The erotic massage is an oriental technique used to help awaken the senses and release energy in the body, so you will feel more alive, more passionate, and in perfect harmony with yourself.

Through massage techniques the energy channels are released, helping you get long lasting intense pleasures, sensuality, sexuality and potency.

A massage session may be well enjoyed as a couple, each partner having a masseuse who will help to reach new levels of pleasure.

It is good to know that the Jade Palace erotic massage Bucharest parlors only offers relaxing massage services and erotic massage with erotic massage techniques for happy endings, without sexual contact. Please relax and do not insist that the masseuses offer or allow more than what is legal in Romania.

We guarantee that the sensations experienced during a massage sessions are more intense than you expect in the erotic massage Bucharest parlors!

Erotic Massage Bucharest

About this type of massage

5. Balinese Massage
Originar din exotica insula Bali, terapia de masaj balinez este una dintre cele mai vechi tehnici de masaj traditionale din Indonezia. Masajul Balinez este unic prin faptul ca reuneste mai multe practici din medicina alternativa, cum ar fi terapia prin masaj, presopunctura, reflexologie si aromoterapie, pentru a stimula fluxul de sange, oxigen si qi (energia) in jurul corpului dumneavoastra, aducand un sentiment de bunastare, calm si relaxare profunda. In timpul terapiei sunt utilizate o varietate de tehnici, inclusiv rularea pielii, framantarea si stimularea punctelor de presiune, in combinatie cu uleiuri esentiale calde pentru un efect calmant asupra organismului.
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