The price of a massage session varies depending on the chosen masseuse and is 200, 250, 300 or 350 lei / hour.

The price of each masseuse and the services offered can be found in “MASSEUSE PHOTOS”


HAPPY HOURS 14: 00-18: 00 – 20% discount

From monday to friday, between 14:00 and 16:00, for any paid service over 250 lei you get a 20% discount from the final cost.

If you are on a short brake from work or if you are just between the roads you can take a relax brake with a 20% discount.

All the services you like, assisted shower, relaxing massage, body sensual massage and erotic massage with two happyend-ings made by erotic massage techniques will be performed by top masseuse in a central but also discret villa on Calea Calarasilor 90.


25% discount for groups of 4 friends


25 % Discount: All groups of 4 friends receive a 25% discount from the total price.

*The offer is valid regardless of the time and day.

*The offer is valid also for multiple of 4 clients. 

Before or after walking in the club, before a night in the city, or for no particular reason, you can make a visit and we offer you a 25% discount.

We guarantee that it will be a time spent together that will generate memories that will not be forgotten too soon.


Erotic Massage with two happy-endings


The erotic massage incorporates various massage techniques. All erotic. This type of massage focuses on sensual movement, making sure you can relax completely and stop your usual routine.

A warm infusion of pure natural oil enters your pores as masseuse removes physical stress and tension. Explore the sensations that flow through the center of your body and make you enter into a deep relaxation area.

It allows you to experience the power of touch and feel pampered by a beautiful, nude masseuse.

During the massage session, you can have two finalizations, both are performed by special massage techniques with the clavicle, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, legs and hands of the masseuse.


Double Massage – with two masseuses

Double massage with two masseuses is an opportunity to experience a range of sensations that were previously inaccessible.

It is not surprising that the true lovers of this massage called them “royal”.

Our beautiful masseuses act simultaneously in sensitive areas.

At the same time, the brain produces a maximum dose of endorphins, which have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. The vast majority of customers are loaded with energy and desire.

So this type of massage is also recommended for men suffering from sexual dysfunction. This type of massage is recommended even to women who want to reveal and unblock their sexuality and to know their hidden desires.


Erotic Massage for Couples

JadePalace’s couple massage is one of the best experiences we can offer to partners who want to experience a tantric and erotic experience in the same room as their partner.

Sharing an erotic massage with your partner is a chance to relax, experience and improve your relationship and level of intimacy.

Jade Palace’s masseuses are experts in erotic massage for couples and will respect your limitations.

For you there is a chance to learn how to caress, touch, act on the partner’s sensitive points.

Experience will be pleasant, natural and memorable.


Erotic Lady Massage (Yony Massage)

Yoni massage is a type of erotic massage offered exclusively to ladies.

The Yoni massage base is the combination of light touch and comfort, with a special focus on erogenous areas – which we know are many and more sensitive to women than to men.

Yoni massage covers the entire body with fragrant massage oil.

There are various massage oils produced specifically for Yoni, all made and carefully selected for an incredible experience.

This type of massage can also cover intimate areas, but its purpose is not to awaken sexual desire but to provide an extraordinary massage experience.


BDSM Massage

A lot of men like the dominant women. Strong and confident women increase respect and esteem, which often causes sexual arousal.

So, why do not listen to their orders and enjoy some moments of submission?

Jade Palace salon offer a wide range of services for dominant women’s fans. Our masseuses will help you bring your fantasies to life.

You can beg for mercy, but your mistress will not stop and will give you the punishment you deserve. You can choose, for example, a strict policewoman, a naughty nurse, Red Riding Hood or a stewardess.

Jade Palace masseuse can play any role. So do not be afraid to tell us your secret desires and we will do our best to fulfill them.





General facts about erotic massage


Tender whispers, hot caresses, nudity, sensuality… moments of pleasure… all in a mansion shrouded in passion, where you can find the most mysterious ladies willing to catch you in their nets from where you will definitely not want to escape.

The erotic massage parlor bucharest is communication without words, a mirage of exotic touches and smells. It will give you a good mood and vigor and with the help of a skilled masseuse you will enter in a world of sensuality and eroticism.

A massage session at an erotic massage Bucharest is beneficial for every man and couple. The erotic massage Bucharest is one of the most popular methods of recovery, both physical and mental.

The masseuses in the Jade Palace Erotic massage Bucharest are specifically instructed to make your body humming with pleasure, to make every part of you to want every touch she can offer you. You’ll definitely want to come to one of the erotic massage Bucharest parlors every day.

20 beautiful masseuses are waiting for you at the Jade Palace Erotic massage Bucharest parlor to unleash your imagination and show you the taste of the forbidden fruit.

A massage session  in the erotic massage Bucharest parlor  always begins with a shower followed by a relaxing massage, body massage and finally massage with one or two happy endings.

The erotic massage Bucharest is an oriental technique used to help awaken the senses and release energy in the body, so you will feel more alive, more passionate, and in perfect harmony with yourself.

Through massage techniques the energy channels are released, helping you to get long lasting intense pleasures, sensuality, sexuality and potency.

An erotic massage in Bucharest  may be well enjoyed as a couple, each partner having a masseuse who will help to reach new levels of pleasure.

It is good to know that the Jade Palace erotic massage Bucharest parlors only offers relaxing massage services and erotic massage with erotic massage techniques for happy endings, without sexual contact. Please relax and do not insist that the masseuses offer or allow more than what is legal in Romania.

We guarantee that the sensations experienced during a massage session are more intense than you expect in the erotic massage Bucharest parlors!

Type of massages :

1. Thai massage

The massage is just as it sounds… deep! A refreshing massage, performed by slow movements, muscle compression and acupressure. For this type of massage we will use coconut oil and you will relax on the harmonious sounds of music.

2. Nuru sensual massage

Nuru sensual massage is a special massage made with the sensual body of the lady that will excite every part of your body. We use special oils for an exciting atmosphere. We invite you to discover the rest yourself.

3. Show Jade Palace

Men love women, the more, the better! Try two masseuses simultaneously. You will be led to another level of intimacy. The show will take you to the heights of the sin.

4. Couples Massage

We address to all the couples who want something new in their relationship, for those who feel that the erotic side of their relationship needs stimulation. Our girls are ready to help stimulate each other to the maximum degree of pleasure. It is a great massage and helps couples to discover themselves.

5. Lomi Lomi Massage

A session involves a sensory journey in Hawaii. This is because of the essential oils used for this massage: vanilla, ylang-ylang, orchid, orange, mandarin, coconut, macadamia nut. Before applying the essential oils, the body is sprayed with pure water from the volcanic springs originated in Hawaii. Because of the extremely moisturizing properties of the essential oils and thermal water, after the massage, the skin remains soft, smooth and slightly perfumed. Lomi lomi massage is unique because of the moves and maneuvers performed by the therapist. Lomi lomi technique involves using forearms, elbows and hands, gestures and movements that are long and continuous, uninterrupted or jerky movements. Those who have got this kind of massage described the sensation caused by these movements to be like waves that enveloped his body.

6. Bamboo Massage

In the Asian culture, the bamboo symbolizes life energy, longevity and fertility. Bamboo massage is an ancient Chinese technique used for relaxation, but also for reducing cellulite. The massage is vigorous, with strong characteristics of bio-stimulation, specially created for both body and face. The massage technique is simple: bamboo sticks of different sizes are rolled on the body to remove the feeling of tension. These sticks should be handled with the hand movements of wrists, specifically by repetitive rotation movements (rotation and sliding), which is a different technique than other types of massage.

7. Hot Stone Massage

Massage with volcanic rocks, improperly called hot stone massage is one of the oldest therapeutic techniques used in relaxation, energy balancing and detoxifying. Benefits of the massage with volcanic rocks: detox body by removing toxins from the skin and improving blood and lymphatic system, improving bone and joint diseases, reduction or elimination of acute or chronic pain, decrease muscle spasms, acceleration of oxygen uptake at the cellular level and improve metabolic rate, improving kidney function, help disappearance of edema, applying hot stones in the opposite (antagonist), affected the flow of blood draws in the affected area, reduced tension in the area. Volcanic rocks store a greater amount of beneficial energy that is transmitted during the massage in the entire body, to the cell level, by energy meridians and thus neutralize the negative energy accumulated in the body over time, disharmonies and stress are eliminated and balance and harmony of the whole being are restored.

8. Dominating Massage

Sadism, masochism, bondage … If you have an idea what it means, we encourage the idea to try. Here are some techniques of soft dominance: role play costumes that belong to fetishes, sadomasochistic practices and bondage. Many men have the fetish of latex, mini skirts, underwear and high heel shoes. Depending on the role, you can use objects that causes pain, tingling, pressure on a certain area of the body. Some roles involve binding partner. Or if you prefer the naughty schoolgirl costume, a cop, a doctor, nurse, guard, ladies can dress up according to your desires. We guarantee a high level of excitement if you will let the lady to blindfold you. Let her slap you. Try and see if you like it! The sensation is unique!

9. Aromatherapy & Music Therapy

Everything to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere!